Participants in the Operation Flinders Challenge are asked to raise money for the Operation Flinders Foundation in our cause to transform the lives of young people at risk.


The Operation Flinders Foundation runs an eight-day program for young people at risk in the northern Flinders Ranges of South Australia. Field exercises achieve the primary objective of Operation Flinders by placing participants in a remote outdoor environment where self-discipline, teamwork, co-operation, leadership and trust are intrinsic to survival. For 8 days participants are placed in an environment that provides only for basic needs of life. They face challenges as individuals and as part of the team, which the significant majority pass with flying colours. The program has a proven ability to bring about life-changing experiences for the participants.


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If someone decides that they would like to make a donation to your team, they just need to fill in the electronic form and click submit. Remembering that any donation over $2.00 is tax deductable! They will be receipted straight away and they can also write a quick note on your team page if they want to.