Rules & Regulations

START TIMES (Saturday):

Marathon Challenge (42km):              7.00am

Half Marathon Challenge (21km):       7.30am

Morialta Challenge (10km):                 8.00am



To ensure the safety of all participants and volunteers throughout the event, the following event rules MUST followed:

  1. TEAMS: All team members must cross the finish line of their event category to be eligible for "line honours". Team overall finish time is calculated by the last team member to cross the line. Maximum of 10 per team. To maximise funds raised which in turn benefits the program participants we will not be providing finisher medals or similar.

  2. All participants must be aged 16 years or above in the Marathon event (a responsible adult/s must participate with the an under aged participant at all times, if the adult/s becomes injured and cannot continue in the event, the under aged participant will have to withdraw).

  3. Younger children may participate in the 10km & Half Marathon event with parental consent.

  4. Participants must collect their event bibs at the marquee that represents their registered event 30 minutes prior to their allocated event start time. Please arrive on time to avoid delays.

  5. Each individual must have their specific assigned bib number pinned onto them at all times. Under no circumstances can participants change or switch bibs, as they are strictly allocated to each individual..

  6. If you want to withdraw during the event, you must first report to the nearest checkpoint. If for any reason you have to leave the event urgently, you must call the emergency number (on bib), as soon as possible.

  7. If for any reason you stay between two checkpoints for an extended period, you must call the Emergency phone number (printed on bibs) to inform the command centre, otherwise you will be considered missing and emergency procedures will be activated.

  8. If you haven’t reached a checkpoint by the nominated closing time, you will be withdrawn from the event and you continue at your own risk. The closing times are calculated on the basis that there would be sufficient time remaining to complete the event within the specified 15 hours (Marathon).

  9. Registrations close at 5:00pm Monday the 7th October 2019. You must notify the organiser of any changes prior to this date and no substitutions will be allowed once the event is in progress.

  10. Identification bibs MUST be worn at all times.

  11. It is recommended that participants walking the Marathon event have a support team. The support team is responsible for providing teams with food, change of clothes, etc during the event. It is unrealistic to carry all supplies yourself. Please make sure your support team reads the Support Team Information Section.

  12. Participants and support crews are responsible for their behavior at all times. Any person found to be breaching any checkpoint landowner’s regulations may lead to disqualification from the event.

  13. Marathon participants must carry a mobile phone at all times during the event.

  14. It is recommended that Marathon participants should carry at least one first aid kit.

  15. Do not smoke or drop litter. The Operation Flinders Challenge is an environmentally friendly event. There are litter bins at each checkpoint – use them. Please respect the environment.

  16. If the trail gets congested, particularly in the early stages of the event, please give way to teams moving more quickly.


Pre Event:

In the event of heavy or continuous rain or other extreme weather conditions such as fire danger during the week leading up to the event, the Event Manager will liaise with and take daily advice from SAPOL, SES, DEWNR, CFS, and any other related agencies. If the advice is such that to continue with the event would involve unacceptable risk to participants, personnel, or the natural environment the decision to cancel the event may be taken. This final decision will be made by the Event Director in consultation with the Event Manager no later than 5.00pm on the Friday prior to the event date. Factors to be considered in determining whether to cancel the event: Weather forecasts; Total fire ban; Current and projected creek levels; Current and projected state of outdoor Checkpoint areas.

During Event:

If following the start of the event, and upon receiving advice from emergency services and relevant stakeholders given above, there is a consensus that to continue would involve unacceptable risk to participants, personnel, or the natural environment (factors same as above), the decision to cancel the event may be taken. This final decision will be made by the Event Director in consultation with the Event Manager.

Event Cancellation Contingency:

There will not be a rescheduling of the event but a carry- over procedure to the following Operation Flinders Challenge event.  In the event of that the Operation Flinders Challenge is cancelled for any of the above or any other relevant reasons which have the best interests and safety of all participants and volunteers involved all participants will have the entry fee waived to the following year’s event and all sponsorship monies raised to date will be carried over to this event.  


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